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  • Zerton Engineering Services is a startup mobile agency providing all forms of istitute mobile application. We have an excellent finding effective solutions in educational sector. Our mission is to connect our clients (Institutes) with their audiences (Students and Parents) in the most direct and engaging way possible: through the devices that people keep with them at all times. The brain of our agency is our strategy unit, which hosts some of the best and brightest planners. We offer communication platform for institutes to promote digital usage and reduse paper usage in college also strategic output, such as road-maps, as well as specified workshops and insight presentations catered to your institute’s needs. Launching with us is just the beginning of our journey.




In the current higher education environment, paperless processes are at the forefront of use. To be more cost-friendly, time-efficient, and green-focused, institutions across the country are shifting their notices focus from paper filled processes to paperless activities. While some institutions are having success turning to online processes and electronic means, most are still lagging behind where they would like to be.


All departments in an institution are notorious for having manual processes due to the lack of a “perfect” Notice Board System. Integrating technology to make manual, paper-based processes more efficient can be an overwhelming idea. After a look at the benefits, it’s difficult to deny the need for a move toward technology.


StudentConnect is a cloud based communication and transaction platform for institutions. This platform enables integration of multiple 'value added technology solutions' for institutions. With its mobile technology core, bridges the digital divide between the institution and students/parents by bringing convenience in exchanging information, communicating and transacting in a secure environment. It fulfills the institutions' need for an easy, scalable and economical solution.


By understanding the stages of paperless processes, you can easily see which stage is right for you, and realistically what you think you can successfully implement. Transitioning from one stage to another can be difficult without the proper outlook and support. While the benefits of reducing paper in your processes may lean you toward making extreme changes quickly, know that the benefits will come no matter the pace at which your institute is able to adopt.

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